THOUSANDS of people got that loving feeling yesterday as The National published a Valentine’s Day message to Scotland from Danish broadcasters.

Tine Toft and Mads Anneberg, of Denmark’s Radio 4, asked Scotland to join Scandinavia in a tongue-in-cheek message which offered to swap whisky for Lurpak and Lego.

The pair, who host the Lobbyland show on Denmark and the EU, wrote: “We have noticed the flirtatious looks from the SNP for some time. And if you persuade Boris Johnson to let you go, we will make room for you in our cosy club of Scandinavian countries.”

The piece drew thousands of views, becoming the top-read story on The National’s website yesterday.

One reader said “we would love to accept” the invitation and another said it was “wonderful to have such warm, open and inviting friends just across the water”.

The SNP’s Tom Arthur MSP also commented on the missive, saying: “Brexit shouldn’t mean Scotland’s love affair with Europe is over.

“Independence will mean we can be a part of Europe in our own right – and flourish just like countries like Denmark.

“Scandinavian countries have some of the highest standards of living in the world. Not because they have any innate advantage over Scotland – but because they were able to take decisions in their own interests.

“With polls showing a majority now support independence, Scotland is set to take our place on the world stage sooner rather than later.”

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Denmark entered the EU in the same year as the UK and, having retained its own krone currency ever since, is not part of the eurozone.

Neither is neighbouring Scandinavian nation Sweden, which is also an EU member state, or Norway, which has not joined the bloc.

Toft told The National a political shift would be “hugely advantageous” for both Scotland and Denmark.

She went on to comment: “Brexit and Scottish independence are big talking points in Denmark.”