DANISH broadcasters have said “vi elsker dig” – we love you – to Scotland in a special Valentine’s Day message.

Writing in The National today, Tine Toft and Mads Anneberg, of Denmark’s Radio 4, offer Scotland an alternative to remaining in Brexit Britain – joining Scandinavia.

The pair host the Lobbyland show, which examines Denmark’s relationship with the European Union to find out “what Denmark gets out of the EU”, broadcasting nationwide.

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Today, they send a “message to Scotland, pledging to share their “Lurpak and Lego” in return for some of our whisky.

The letter, which refers to “flirtatious looks from the SNP” and refers to the countries’ historical and cultural links, says: “Do you dream of new friends?

“Reliable welfare states who are part of the EU and respect your independence? Then come join us in Scandinavia.”

It goes on: “The people of Denmark could be your closest allies.

We feel your struggle and we support you in your push for independence.

“As a small country, we have plenty of experience with being pushed around by larger, more conservative neighbours (we are looking at you, Germany).”

Standing at about 5.8 million, Denmark’s population is in line with that of Scotland.

It joined the EU in the same year as the UK and, having retained its own krone currency ever since, is not part of the eurozone.

Neither is neighbouring Scandinavian nation Sweden, which is also an EU member state, or Norway, which has not joined the bloc.

Toft says Brexit, and Scotland’s future, are both subjects of interest to Danish audiences.

She said the addition of Scotland would be “hugely advantageous for Denmark and Scandinavia”.

Toft commented: “Brexit and Scottish independence are big talking points in Denmark, and we hope that it will be even higher on the public agenda when this is published.”