AS the Cabinet reshuffle goes on throughout today and tomorrow, it's likely we'll learn who the new Minister for the Union is. 

Boris Johnson gave himself the title when he was elected Tory leader and Prime Minister last summer. It had not been used prior to that.

The SNP MP Kirsty Blackman has been critical of the position, calling it a "cynical rebranding". But what does the role involve?

Johnson only kept the Minister for the Union title until the General Election. When the Tories were re-elected with a majority in December, but lost seven seats to the SNP in Scotland, he did not keep the post.

The Prime Minister took the title as a way of showing his commitment to the Union, or as he calls it the "awesome foursome".

According to a break down in UK governmental spending, Johnson was allocated £10 million to focus on his duties as Minister for the Union. It is unclear how or if this money was spent before the Prime Minister dropped the title.

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Cabinet Minister Chloe Smith (below) is now reportedly the favourite to become Minister for the Union, and would likely take on the title on top of her current position.

The Kent-born Tory MP last week defended the Government's decision to exclude the Scottish media from a Number 10 press briefing, telling the Commons "there are national broadcasters here who deal with all parts of this country" in response to a question from SNP MP Pete Wishart.

The National:

Her role would include overseeing a multi-million-pound campaign to "love-bomb" Scots into wanting to stay in the Union.

And she may also take a role in the proposed bridge connecting Northern Ireland and Scotland.