SCOTLAND has once again been sidelined by the BBC after a question on Scottish Labour’s record was completely ignored during a live Labour leadership debate.

BBC’s soon-to-be-axed Victoria Derbyshire Show hosted the four candidates and took questions from the audience during a special debate which asked the question "who should lead the Labour party?"

After more than an hour, the subject finally moved on to Scotland when grassroots Yes activist, Selma Rahman from Edinburgh, tore strips off the four Labour leadership hopefuls.

Before asking the question, even Victoria Derbyshire acknowledged how long Rahman had been waiting, joking that she’d had her “hand up for 90 minutes”.

Rahman – a regular contributor to The National letters pages – said she had never felt “as excluded from a debate as I have today”.

She went on to criticise the four candidates for not addressing “the elephant in room” that is Labour’s dire performances in Scotland.

Selma also corrected the use of “Scottish Nationalist Party” to describe the SNP, stressing the correct name, before branding Labour a “complete irrelevance”.

However, instead of asking any of the candidates what they thought of Rahman's remarks, the host simply moved on to another question.

One of the candidates, Emily Thornberry, tried to return to the question about Scotland but was cut off before she could start because the show was “running out of time”.

Not unlike a certain Union...