The National:

SCOTTISH Tory interim leader Jackson Carlaw was quick to try to make political capital out of the recent Queensferry Crossing closure on Twitter – but his latest attempt to attack the SNP has backfired spectacularly. 

This week, he tweeted: "The continued closure of the Queensferry Crossing is a damning indictment of this government. Whilst Nicola Sturgeon is swanning about in Brussels, Scots commuters are stuck without vital infrastructure."

Carlaw was one of a number of Unionists who weren't happy about the closure, joining the likes of LibDem MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton, who was ridiculed after sharing a tweet making fun of the bridge. 

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But there was just one problem for the interim Tory leader. A pretty big one: Carlaw had already taken to Twitter in 2017 to hail the bridge after being part of the committee which chose the DESIGN of it!

Responding to Carlaw's tweet, the SNP's new Holyrood media chief, Murray Foote, reminded Carlaw the current Carlaw of his the actions of his past self.

In 2017, Carlaw wrote: Delighted to have convened the Holyrood committee which chose the design & approved the route for this @FRC_Queensferry Crossing. Stunning."

Oh dear ... better think before you tweet next time, Jackson!