Hunted (C4, 9pm)

EVERYDAY folks flee from a team of expert hunters as the challenge returns for a new series. Contestants include a mum on the run, a 78-year-old grandfather with a mysterious past, and two childhood sweethearts. In all there’s 10 pairs pursued by an elite group of determined ex-military, law enforcement and security forces. The twist this time is the fugitives have been stripped of all personal belongings and cash; all they have is their clothes.

Tyson Fury: The Gypsy King (STV, 9pm)

LAST week, ITV was showing Inside the Crown: Secrets of the Royals in this slot, but tonight’s it’s showcasing a different kind of royalty with the opening instalment in this three-part documentary. It follows the boxer as he prepares for his rematch with Deontay Wilder for the WBC World Heavyweight title, after the first contest in December 2018 ended in a much-disputed draw. Filmed over several months, the programme provides an insight into the life of one of British sport’s most flamboyant and controversial characters.

Death in Paradise (BBC1, 9pm)

A DESERT island survival course goes wrong when the leader, a trained survival expert and ex-SAS soldier, is found dead in the forest of a remote island near Saint Marie. Having ventured off into the wilderness alone and with no other people on the island apart from the trip participants, suspicion soon falls upon them. But with all of the course members providing one another with an alibi, how could any of them have committed the murder?

Inside Cinema: Meet the Family (BBC4, 10pm)

THIS documentary puts cinematic families on the analyst’s couch for a look at what makes some of the most dysfunctional dynasties in cinema tick. Families on the big screen pose unique challenges even to the greatest film directors. For example, how can you make every family member in a huge cinematic ensemble like Gosford Park memorable, when people in real life have trouble remembering who their second cousins are?