THE UK Government is more interested in petty fights over Union Jacks than climate change, according to the Scottish Greens.

Reacting to the news that the COP26 could be moved from Glasgow to London, Partick Harvie said the UK's credibility would suffer even more if that move was to go ahead.

He said the world was already questioning how serious the UK is about the conference and climate change.

It was confirmed on Wednesday morning that the UK Government is in talks to move the COP26 from Glasgow to London following chaotic preparations and spiralling costs.

The co-leader of the Scottish Greens said the UK was more interested in Union flags than tackling the climate crisis.

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Last month, the UK Government sacked the chair of the event, Claire O’Neill, who then said the Prime Minister of “doesn’t really understand” climate change.

Harvie said: “Glasgow has the infrastructure and venue to host the COP international summit.

“We also have many people keen to challenge the UK and Scottish Government on their lack of action tackling the climate emergency.

“Glasgow has a fantastic opportunity to use the platform to be heard.

“The UK Government has already left the world wondering if it is serious about this conference.

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“They’ve sacked the person in charge, they’ve shown more interest in Union flags and provoking a spat with the Scottish Government, and they have shown none of the leadership that’s needed.

“If they now can’t even decide which venue to book, they will lose any remaining shred of credibility.

Harvie added: “They should confirm Glasgow as the venue, appoint a genuine climate leader to chair the conference, and then start the urgent job of building support for the radical change of direction that the climate emergency demands.”