UNITED States presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ elder brother Larry is one of the main speakers at an event being held in Edinburgh tomorrow night, which will certainly be of interest to those in the Yes movement concerned about the rise of right-wing populism both here in the UK and abroad.

Entitled Democracy v Demagogues, the discussion is at the Augustine United Church, 41 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh from 7pm to 8.30pm.

Sanders is a former Green Party councillor in Oxford and is now the spokesperson on health for the Green Party of England and Wales. Obviously he keeps a close watch on American politics.

The National’s own Lesley Riddoch will also be a main speaker at the event.

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The other key address will come from Jonathon Shafi, the campaign officer for progressive think-tank Common Weal.

The event is free, but anyone intending to go along should register at Eventbrite where the organisers state: “Polls show that most people on both sides of the Atlantic favour progressive, open and green politics.

“Yet right-wing demagogues like Donald Trump and Boris Johnson play on xenophobia while compounding social injustice – and have won recent elections in many countries.

“Why has the right been electorally successful with regressive policies, and what can we do in the USA and in the UK to overcome them?

“What can our countries’ progressives learn from each other?”

You can register to go to the event here: Democracy vs Demagogues in the USA and Scotland