WE recently reported on the attempts by the Dumfries and Galloway Indy Hub to raise cash for campaigning aboard their mobile “poster” van.

The Yes DIY page is happy to report today that the Crowdfunder exercise is going well and just needs a few hundred pounds more to get the appeal to its target figure of £1850.

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The ever-generous Yes movement will no doubt be helpful to the group of hard-working activists, who said: “We successfully raised enough funds to buy the van, get the indy-supporting graphics applied and print enough ‘Scotland’s Natural Wealth’ information packs to distribute from street stalls and through local letterboxes – explaining why Scotland is big enough, clever enough and rich enough to be a successful independent country.”

Dumfries and Galloway Indy Hub is a mobile centre to serve all of the region. They are now half-way through the four-week project and told The National they have had lots of support and good feedback, including messages of support from as far away as the Highlands and Islands.

The National:

Ian Waugh, the Hub’s organiser, said: “One donor from Dundee – who describes himself as a ‘new Scot’ and who’s married to a Scot said: ‘I am shocked by how many people support the Union with an unwritten constitution. If Dominic Cummings, the unelected bureaucrat at number 10, can fool so many people with a big red bus, you can surely charm people with facts and win their hearts and minds with a white van. If you are ever in Dundee and in need of food, a cup of tea, toilet, or whatever – mi casa es su casa’.

“Another, from the Isle of Harris, told us: ‘I donated during your initial Crowdfunder and it’s really nice to see the project up and running’.

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“Our aim is to give folk in Dumfries and Galloway access to honest information about Scotland’s natural wealth and our ability to thrive as an independent country – free from successive Westminster governments that have done more to hold Scotland back than to let us progress to a level of success that can only be achieved with independence.”

Waugh went on: “We are happy to work with other like-minded groups across our region, to give folk a chance to ask questions in a non-confrontational manner.

“One telephone contact – who read about us in The National – told me that many people, including himself, don’t use social media so ‘you really need to get it in hard copy for folk’, and then he sent me a cheque for the Hub account.”

Donations can be sent through www.crowdfunder.co.uk/dumfries-galloway-indy-hub-booster-project

The Hub can be contacted through its Facebook page at www.facebook.com/DumGalIndyHub/