TWITTER users have responded after LibDem MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton ridiculed the Queensferry Crossing and announced the bridge that "would never close" had closed due to Storm Ciara.

The Edinburgh Western MSP shared a tweet from The Forths Bridges account which announced the closure of the crossing due to dangerous conditions. 

He didn't hesitate to take aim at the crossing, which has been a spark-point in debates.

But what looked like an easy dig, turned out badly for him.

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When the bridge was initially designed, the claim that it would never close due to high winds was made. To this day it stands correct. The reason the bridge closed today, is due to an unexpected problem due to ice. 

The National:

SNP MP Sandra White criticised his tweet. The Glasgow Kelvin MSP tweeted: "Due to falling ice blocks 8 cars damaged I’d say the right decision was taken. As an elected member, I would have thought Alex your concerns would be with anyone affected both public and staff doing their best in horrendous conditions."

Twitter user Eddie Macdonald was on the ball too, reminding Cole-Hamilton that the bridge was built and opened on time and under budget. He said the reason Unionists hate the bridge is because it's "a topper".

User Willie Ross took the burden of reminding Cole-Hamilton that the Queensferry Crossing wasn't the only bridge to close due to the weather conditions. 

He asked: "Are any of your colleagues in South Wales, or the Bristol area making arses of themselves?"

User LW StillYes hit right at the core of the issue, saying Cole-Hamilton was using it to stir up anger at the SNP. They asked the LibDem MSP if he thought Nicola Sturgeon was somehow responsible for the weather.

Another user took a similar approach and asked: "How dare the FM not use her weather-controlling powers like Storm out of X-Men!"

We have written to Nicola Sturgeon asking for comment.

User @grantrs4 didn't let Cole-Hamilton off lightly, accusing him of using a bridge that benefits his constituents "greatly" as ammunition against the SNP. 

YES Brechin snuck a dig at the Union in his tweet, something Cole-Hamilton has defended strongly in his career as a LibDem.