THE Labour candidate who defected to the Tories, Faten Hameed, has defended her move away from Labour roots.

Hameed, who ran for election as the Labour Candidate in Glasgow Central was recently welcomed into the Tory party in a tweet. 

Tory councillor Thomas Kerr tweeted that Hameed had joined the Tory "family" as someone who knows the Conservatives are "the only party that'll beat the SNP and move Scotland forward".

On her decision, Hameed said: “It saddens me to say that Labour have given up on defending Scotland’s place in the United Kingdom. I can’t stand by while the SNP destroy our country and Labour let them do it.

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“I have spent the majority of my life standing up for the voiceless in our city and country but have watched as countless political parties have taken the support of my community and so many others for granted.

“The Scottish Conservatives have shown they are the real party of blue-collar workers in Scotland and I can’t wait to play my role in reshaping Scotland and defeating the SNP whilst standing up for my community and championing business.

“I leave many friends behind but I urge them to follow me and join the Scottish Conservatives to help us stop the SNP in 2021. That’s what is most important – winning back Scotland from the nationalists.”

On Saturday, SNP MP Alison Thewliss called her out, saying her switch was "astonishing". 

She added: "In December, Faten Hameed stood on a Labour manifesto, said the Tories would 'only look after the privileged few', that she'd oppose Brexit and campaign to remain.

"Now she stands with those who brought about Brexit, austerity and the hostile environment."