SCOTTISH wave power pioneer Mocean Energy has teamed up with Chrysaor, EC-OG and Modus in a project to explore the use of renewables for subsea power.

The project, funded by the partners and the Oil and Gas Technology Centre (OGTC), will look to use Mocean’s Blue Star wave energy converter and EC-OG’s HALO energy storage system to power subsea tiebacks and autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs).

If feedback is positive, the team will press ahead with a field trial using a prototype in the seas off Orkney later this year.

The technology could provide vital backup power, with the potential to provide green power for future fleets of AUVs.

Mocean secured £3.3 million from Wave Energy Scotland last year to build and test a half-scale version of their technology at sea.

Mocean Energy managing director Cameron McNatt said: “Our first step will be an industry workshop at the OGTC in Aberdeen on February 27, where we will gather information on real-world applications and our field trial plans.

“We then plan to forge ahead with a field trial later this year at our test site in Orkney.

He went on: “This project gives us the opportunity to put our prototype to real use and will give us the chance to draw on the subsea expertise of our project partners.

“It is a genuine opportunity to showcase the potential for renewable energy to power a subsea application.”

Nigel Ward, chief commercial officer at Modus, said: “This project will demonstrate capability to provide temporary or semi-permanent modular subsea residency for AUV systems controlled by over the horizon technology.

“This innovative approach to survey and inspection will reduce the numbers of personnel offshore, providing significant safety benefits and cost savings.”

Myrtle Dawes, solution centre director at the OGTC, added: “This project is a phenomenal example of cross-industry collaboration ... to deliver an innovative technology that can help accelerate the industry’s move towards a net zero carbon economy.

“The upcoming workshop will be key in forging closer partnerships, allowing us to transform how we operate, inspire innovation and see the North Sea lead the way in energy transition technologies.”