THE SNP are facing questions after a Brexit Day stunt in Brussels highlighting Scotland's desire to remain in the EU was reported to the Belgium police.

On January 31st, the First Minister shared an image of a projection on the side of the Berlaymont building in Brussels reading "Scotland loves Europe".

In the tweet, she wrote: “The EU Commission building in Brussels tonight (and if you look carefully you’ll see that they do appear to have left a light on for us!)”.

The projection was organised by the SNP, and carried out by Edinburgh-based Double Take Projections.

The "light" referenced in the First Minister's tweet was likely a light in the building that had indeed been left on, as was clear in the shared photo.

However, the European Commission has since confirmed that the stunt has been "taken up" with the police.

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During its weekly briefing of the media this morning, the EU Comissioner said: “It had nothing to do with us and it was simply a matter for the Belgian police.”

She went on to confirm that there was no issue with the message, but rather the means by which it was delivered.

She said: “We are not in the business of being requested or granting authorisation for people outside projecting messages on our building.”

The Commission's comments were reported by the Sun's Brussels correspondent.

Sturgeon is meeting members of the Commission in Brussels today. The SNP have been approached for comment.