A FORMER Labour candidate left party members stunned this weekend after she defected to the Conservatives.

Faten Hameed, who twice stood for Jeremy Corbyn’s party in Glasgow Central, was pictured this weekend being welcomed to the Scottish Tory “family”.

Less than two months ago, Labour supporters flooded the streets of the constituency, knocking on doors, delivering leaflets, and urging voters to back Hameed in the General Election.

One of those leaflets had the candidate saying:”If Labour wins Glasgow, Labour forms the next government. Vote Labour to get rid of the Tories.”

In an interview with the Glasgow Times last November, Hameed had claimed that only Labour could “begin to heal this country and bring an end to scourge of Tory austerity”.

But yesterday Tory councillor Thomas Kerr took to Twitter and posted a picture of Hameed at a gathering with former party leader Annabel Goldie.

“Honoured to welcome Faten Hameed to @ScotTories family” he tweeted, “As a former Labour candidate Faten knows we’re the only party that’ll beat the SNP and move Scotland forward.”

One Labour campaigner who pounded the streets of Govanhill for Hameed in what was the country’s first winter election since 1923, said they were stunned.

“She was passionate about how bad the Tories were, and about how important it was to stop them and Boris Johnson, and now she’s cosying up to them. Everyone I’ve spoken to is disgusted. It seems her ambition means more to her than her values.”

SNP MP Alison Thewliss said the switch was “astonishing”.

She said: “In December, Faten Hameed stood on a Labour manifesto, said the Tories would ‘only look after the privileged few’, that she’d oppose Brexit and campaign to remain.”

During the election campaign, Flora Scarabello, the Tory candidate in Glasgow Central was suspended by her party for using “anti-Muslim language”.