I WAS delighted to read in Wednesday’s National that someone is arranging a march for independence in London. I mentioned this possibility to the people who arrange the fabulous AUOB marches, but was told they felt it would mean they’d be recognising London’s rule over us.

I hate to say it but they absolutely do rule over us. That’s simply a fact hence the refusal to grant a Section 30 order, them storing nuclear weapons on our lands, syphoning off our oil and other resources is huge quantities, day in, day out. Using our resources in their balance books, lying to the world that we are in deficit and too poor to govern ourselves, knowing full well we are a hugely resource rich country, London giving us a toy-town Parliament, with next to no real powers, patting us on the head, and saying “run along kiddies”, all the while thinking “that will shut those infernal, rebellious Scots up and keep them happy whilst we drain their resources 24/7”.

We can march up and down our nation’s high streets in our tens of thousands until we are blue in the face. It’s actually what they want us to do, as it keeps it far, far away from the people of England. Until the fight is taken to Westminster, it simply does not have the same effect on public opinion across these islands.

A classic example of how keeping the marches out of the news down south is working, is when my wife mentioned we were going to a march for Scottish independence recently. Her good friend, based just over the Border, a very intelligent lady, looked in complete surprise at her and asked: “How many go on these marches, two men and a dog?”. My wife replied around 100,000 and she was absolutely shocked and said “no-one knows anything about this down here”. We need to take these marches to where it cannot be ignored and covered up.

It’s of course easier said than done, I know, but it would have an absolutely huge effect ... and there is every chance it would deliver the Section 30 that bit quicker as they could not stand the embarrassment and affront of the world’s media showing their glittering, capital city full of Scots asking for what is our right, an independent country.

The moment it starts to disrupt the capital city, then the Greater London public will start letting their leaders know in no uncertain terms they need to sort it out, which in turn will lead to: “Let them have their independence as we don’t need them anyway. They are a drain on our resources.”

This is the way to really make an impact and if they refuse an application to march in London it could be just as beneficial. That would show the world exactly how the Scots are being treated by public-school toffs from a neighbouring land that have been stealing our resources for so long they now think the resources are theirs.

I lived down south and there is absolutely no love for the authorities these days, as for the last 15 years or so they have watched their standards of living drop through the floor, taxes and house prices increase out of all proportion and their whole world being constantly monitored by CCTV cameras absolutely everywhere. It is a deeply unhappy place.

Lastly, we must not forget that there are around 650,000 Scots living in the south east of England and the general feeling is they would move home in a heart beat to an independent Scotland, but while Scotland is under Westminster rule they don’t see the point as nothing will ever really change until Scotland breaks away, drags itself out of the 18th century, joins the 21st century, and becomes the nation we know it can be. Independence is creeping closer by the day, so close we can almost feel it. Let’s not mess this up as we owe it to our children and to those gone before who fought so hard for our right of self-determination.

Independence is not anti-English in any way, it is quite simply common sense and would result in both Scotland and England eventually being in a far better place. We will undoubtedly start to reap the the rewards almost instantly, but it may take England a bit longer as they have not tried to stand on their own two feet in 500+ years. They tended to utilise other countries’ manpower and resources to get by, but we can be there to help them and become good friends and neighbours, as they will see a vibrant, successful neighbour and hopefully take our advice on important matters. We can be there to offer help and advice when it is needed, and this will undoubtedly be the case.

The huge numbers of English people flocking north alone is proof that the chickens are coming home to roost. They just need to ignore the media lies up here and vote for an independent Scotland or they are doing more damage than they can ever know.

Iain K