SEVERAL things combined to bring me to my decision to vote Yes in the next Scottish independence referendum. The lies which were told during the previous referendum, especially the idea we are a union of equals and the claim that if we wanted to be part of

Europe we had to be in the UK, was a massive drive. I very much believe we are better in Europe than being controlled by Westminster. The final straw was the contempt with which Theresa May spoke about “nationalists”.

Joining the SNP was a much better fit than earlier political views I had held. I suspect left-of-centre politics fits more comfortably with my Catholicism. The Acts of the Apostles encourages those with more to give more, and that the community should take care of those who are in need.

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It is clear that our government in England does not care for the more vulnerable in society. In fact, it withdraws benefits from the most vulnerable while the European Reform Group are making millions out of Brexit.

The extent to which the BBC has become the voice of Unionists has become very clear to me. I think of them as the British Biased Corporation. I have found myself becoming increasingly angry with the bias that the SNP must put up with on all sorts of platforms – TV, papers and social media. “Fake news” has become a thing in the last few years and I find it interesting the number of times stories are put out in the media and then organisations like the BBC have to apologise.

Deciding to vote Yes has changed my life immeasurably. As well as joining the party I have helped with deliveries of letters for my MP, something I had never done before. Also, attending branch meetings has been a change of speed for me (when I am home on the right evenings).

Going forward, I would like to find more ways of becoming involved in supporting the party and encouraging independence at every opportunity.

If I was to say anything to someone else who was about to change what they were voting on independence, it would be to look very carefully at the lies that continue to be told by Tories and Labour in terms of the future of Scotland.

Any MPs who either says they hate the SNP or suggests that Scottish police should treat nationalists in Scotland the same way that the Spanish police treat independence voters in Catalonia should be considered carefully. These views are as dangerous as stopping reporters from attending all meetings in Downing Street.

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