THE Prime Minister is facing criticism over his suggestion that the UK could enter into an "Australia-style" trade agreement with the EU - because there is no such deal.

In a speech on Monday Boris Johnson said while it is "unlikely" the UK and EU will not agree on a trading relationship before the end of the year, if no agreement is in place the UK would have to look at securing an arrangement comparable to Canada's or Australia's.

European Commissioner for Trade Phil Hogan warned no such deal exists, adding: "I think that's code for No Deal."

He said the public will "have to stay awake" and pay attention to the trade discussions to avoid a crash-out from the bloc when the transition period comes to an end. 

The Prime Minister's spokesman denied an Australian-style deal is code for No-Deal. 

Speaking on the withdrawal agreement, which settled the basic arrangements for the UK's exit but did not address trade, tariffs or quotas, the spokesperson said: "We have a deal. That conversation is over."

He claimed that Australia's relationship with the EU are a "deal" as Canberra has 29 bilateral agreements with Brussels.

The spokesman also would not say whether businesses undertaking No-Deal preparations should stop doing so, commenting only: "Businesses should prepare for life outside the customs union and single market."