THE Yes DIY movement is all about people doing their thing for the cause, and the latest is nurse Heather Dickson who is organising a march for independence on Saturday March 14 in London, leaving from Regent Square Park at 12 noon and marching to Westminster.

She told the National: “My hope is that groups and individuals from all over the UK will utilise all available travel modes such as organising coaches, cars and trains to get people to and from London.

“I was inspired to organise the march as having attended almost all the independence marches since 2014, I feel it is important to keep the momentum going into the new decade.

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“My original idea was to march from Scotland to London. However, the reality is that this would be a barrier to a lot of people due to health and the duration this would take. I decided marching in London was the next best thing.”

Dickson was impressed with the people she met on previous independence marches: “The commitment of the people attending the marches always exhilarates me, particularly some of the people I spoke to at the march in Glasgow in January.

“I spoke to a lady in her 90s, an ill man that travelled six hours from the north of Scotland in the rain to march, and a group of independence campaigners from Wales.

The National: Yes campaigners in Glasgow, where Dickson was inspired to organise her own marchYes campaigners in Glasgow, where Dickson was inspired to organise her own march

“This ignited the idea that we need to offer additional marches, allowing people from all over the UK the chance to unite and march in a relevant place.

“There is nowhere more relevant than on Boris Johnson’s doorstep.

“It is vital that we continue to demonstrate that our wish for independence has never been higher or more essential.” Dickson goes on to say how Scotland’s changing circumstances could bring out marchers: “Following Brexit, it is more relevant than ever to highlight that Scotland wants to function as an independent nation and become supportive neighbours with countries rather than ruled by them.

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“An ironic issue for me is that Scottish people were assured Scotland would remain members of the European Union by voting against Scottish independence. However, the situation is that we are now being dragged out of the European Union against our will. Encouragingly, several European countries have indicated their support for Scottish independence.

“I work as a full time senior nurse and cannot devote all my time to independence campaigning, but I am hopeful people join me to fly our Saltires high and peacefully demonstrate that independence is our collective dream we will not give up on.”

We will keep you informed of progress as more plans for the march are announced.