THE First Minister has written to Boris Johnson to request a role for Scotland in the planning of a UN climate change summit due to take place in Glasgow in November. 

Nicola Sturgeon requested that her Climate Change Secretary attend UK Cabinet and sub-committee meetings on the event.

There are growing concerns around the summit after the sacked president of the event hit out at the Prime Minister's own approach to the environment, suggested the budget is "ballooning" and that he was looking at holding the talks in another location. 

Claire Perry O'Neill also suggested Johnson's personal animosity towards Sturgeon is endangering the success of the summit.

In a letter to Johnson, Sturgeon tried to increase co-operation between the UK and Scottish governments ahead of the landmark event, which will bring world leaders to Glasgow this autumn.

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She said: "I believe that COP26 in Glasgow has the potential to be a significant moment in our global efforts to tackle the climate crisis.

"As you know my government has welcomed the awarding of COP26 to the UK and Italy and following the announcement that Glasgow would host the summit we have worked closely with Glasgow City Council, Police Scotland and of course the UK Government to support delivery. 

"Having declared a global climate emergency in 2019, and passed the world's toughest climate change legislation, with a legal requirement to meet net-zero for all emissions by 2045, my government's commitment to tackling climate change is fundamental."

The First Minister went on: "I am writing to propose that Scotland's Cabinet Secretary for the Environment and Climate Change, who also chairs the Scottish Government's delivery group in relation to COP26, attends the Cabinet meetings and sub-committee meetings on climate change which you have committed to chair.

"I believe this would not only help with co-ordination, ensuring any issues can be aired early and properly dealt with, but would also demonstrate our joint commitment to and responsibility for delivering an event that is not only safe and secure, but that lives up to the expectations of the world."

Sturgeon also pledged to intensify logistical works ahead of the November deadline, and welcomed Michael Gove's acceptance that police costs will be higher than originally anticipated.

The First Minister then thanked the UK Government for looking into venues on both sides of the Clyde, rather than solely those on the north as had been planned. 

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She concluded: "I look forward to your response and we will of course engage constructively with the new COP26 president when an appointment is made."

Following O'Neill's criticism of Johnson this morning, the SNP leader pledged her support for the event.

She tweeted: "To be clear - @scotgov wants #COP26 to be a success and will play our full part in making it so.

"It's not about Boris Johnson or me - it is about tackling the climate crisis. My commitment is that political differences will not stop me and my government working to make it a success."