What’s it called?


What’s it about?

A fictional podcast masquerading as a piece of investigative journalism conducted by Lia Haddock, a reporter for American Public Radio, it delves into the mystery surrounding the total disappearance of the 327 inhabitants of Limetown, a model village-cum-neuroscience research facility located deep in the Tennessee back country. A sensation when it occured in 2004, the case soon disappeared from the public consciousness but Haddock has a personal reason for investigating – her uncle was one of those who disappeared. Episode one lays out the history behind the case but ends on a cliffhanger when out of the blue Haddock is contacted by a woman called Winona – who claims to be a Limetown survivor.

What’s so good about it?

Limetown blends documentary-style interviews with (supposed) archive audio such as 911 calls and news reports to create a convincing collage, with Haddock adding narration in real time as her investigation unfolds.

Who’s in it?

Created and scripted by Zack Akers and Skip Bronkie, it features Annie Sage-Whitehurst as Lia Haddock.

Fun fact …

The podcast proved so popular after its launch in 2015 that it was snapped up by Facebook for its video on demand channel Facebook Watch. A 10-episode series based on the podcast premiered on the channel in October starring Jessica Biel and Stanley Tucci.

Not so fun fact …

The series was cancelled last month after just one season. Judge for yourself how good it is: all episodes are available to stream for free on the social media platform.

For fans of ...

X Files, Homecoming, Wild Wild Country