It’s 4th down and 23 yards to go. We’ve hit the two minute warning. You’re down by six points and your team is looking lost and exhausted. The head coach is pacing the sidelines with an angry gaze that could start a fire on an ice rink. There is nothing left to do but throw a Hail Mary. Welcome to the world of the National Football League and welcome to the Super Bowl!

I’m a Tennessee Titans fan, and although they got close this year, we’re just going to have to wait until next year before Tannehill can raise the Vince Lombardi Trophy for the fist time in the franchise history. Instead, we have to content ourselves with the Chiefs and the Niners slugging it out for glory in Super Bowl LIV.

The time zone might be against us but I love staying up to watch the Super Bowl. The drama, the style, the below par halftime shows. I have many traditions for the event, most of which involve whisky.

So why not pop one of my favourites in your cupboard for tonight’s game ... ?

Johnnie Walker Blue Label (Inverarity One to One, £200).

Granted, I was saving this bottle for the match in the hope that the Titans would be playing but it could still get an airing on the night. This is my go to dram for the most important of sporting events. It’s a beautiful blend incorporating a touch of smoke, vanilla, honey and raisins. It’s wonderfully smooth and approachable, and a second glass is practically compulsory.

Maker’s Mark Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky (Waitrose, £32).

If you want to celebrate in style, without spending £200…grab a bottle of one of my favourite bourbons. Also, note the spelling. Whisky, as opposed to whiskey due to the fact that the production process is closer in style to that of Scotch than other bourbons. This is a very approachable glass with notes of crème brulee and vanilla throughout.

You can also trade up to the Maker’s 46 (Waitrose, £47) for more depth and complexity. Pour a very large measure of this over ice in your favourite tumbler, sit back and enjoy the game.