A DUTCH city has marked its solidarity for post-Brexit Scotland by replacing the Union Jack flag with a Saltire.

Following the UK's departure from the EU last night, the city – which has a cultural partnership with Edinburgh – had a vacant mast to fill in its line-up of EU member states' flags.

After a visit to the Robert Burns Festival in Edinburgh, Culture councillor Sjoerd Feitsma chose the Scottish flag to replace the Union Jack.

The National: Photograph: Jan LigthartPhotograph: Jan Ligthart

Feitsma said: "I was thinking about replacing the Union Jack with an EU flag or a Rainbow flag. 

"I noticed that the Scots are very upset that they will no longer be in the EU and that they have to put the European flag in the Scottish parliament. There are already plans to hang this flag outside the official area of ​​parliament. Then I thought: we can do something with that."

While the flag is intended as a joke at the expense of the UK, Feitsma indicated that the Saltire could be sticking around for a while.

"This is not an official site so we can decide for ourselves which flags to hang here," he said.