Whenever the second independence referendum takes place, and it definitely will, certain pundits and politicians will no doubt say they never saw the Yes vote coming.

That’s because with the exception of The National, no newspaper has comprehensively reported on the growth of the Yes movement since 2014, but now a new book hopes to be able to chronicle the rise of Yes with handwritten testimonies from across the movement.

The Yes Book is the brainchild of activist Stuart Leel and will be launched soon.

He told The National about what inspired him to start the project which will need the involvement of Yes groups across the country.

He said: “Although not directly beneficial to the current campaign for independence it is important to document this time that will, no doubt, go down in Scottish history. The Yes Book is a means of doing just that.

“Launching soon, The Yes Book will travel all across the country. The book starts off blank. As it makes its way around Scotland people will be given the opportunity to sign it along with a message as to why they are Yes.

“Once the book is full and returned it will be preserved as a handwritten testimony to why this meant so much to so many people. The Yes Book will serve to prove the beauty and diversity of this movement.

“The Yes Book Facebook page can be followed to allow people to track the book’s progress. Great things can happen from small ideas and the book, although it might not seem important now, will be an opportunity to tell the story of the people. The people who believed in something better.

“After its official launch, The Yes Book will be sent to a pro-independence group to allow locals a chance to sign it. After a few days that group will send it on to another to repeat the process.

“This will continue until its pages are full of inspiring messages and aspirations of hope. Its final home is yet to be decided but can be discussed via the page.

“Follow The Yes Book. Get your chance to sign it and make this a document of the folk. The personality and passion of independence in one little book.

“So regardless of when independence comes, future generations will be able to look back and understand what it was all about. Not from the speeches of politicians, but from the people themselves.”

We’ll keep you informed of the Yes Book’s progress.