THE SNP has furiously denied claims they’ve spent money raised for indyref2 on campaigning for elections.

A senior SNP source dismissed the allegations as “utter nonsense” and “categorically not true”.

The accusations were made by the pro-independence blogger Wings Over Scotland, who said the SNP was “in absolutely no financial position to fight a second independence campaign this year, or next year, or any year soon”.

The party has run two high-profile independence campaign fundraisers in recent years, on the now disused website in 2017 and currently on the page.

The first drive had a target of £1 million in 100 days but was closed down three months later with around £482,000 raised.

The well connected blogger, Stuart Campbell, said numerous senior SNP sources had told him “that any enquiries as to the whereabouts and availability of the ‘ring-fenced’ fundraiser money are met with a brick wall”.

He claimed that “hundreds of thousands of pounds” had “vanished into the hungry maw of the party’s seat-winning machine”, adding He says cash raised in 2017 has “been spent on normal party activities and fighting elections”.

That, he added “appears to us to be something alarmingly close to outright fraud”.

He pointed to the SNP’s most recent accounts, published on the Electoral Commission’s website, detailing that the SNP held £411,000 of cash in hand at the end of 2018.

The party struggled for big money donations in recent years, with the party tending to rely upon smaller donations from its membership, which, sits at around 125,000.