A SENIOR German MEP has promised that European Greens will help an independent Scotland “swiftly come back home” to the EU.

Speaking at an independence rally organised by the Scottish Greens, Ska Keller, the co-president of the Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament, said it would be "stupid" if the EU does not allow an independent Scotland to re-enter the bloc.

She described Brexit as a “historic tragedy on a continental scale”.

But the MEP added, there was hope for those looking.

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She told supporters: "We're not giving up, we're starting a new beginning here, we're starting a campaign to prevent worse, but also to make things better, to make things better for this region for this country and for the quality of everyone who lives in it.

"And that's why I'm extremely happy to be here on this particular 31st of January. And because you're working on hope for the future, for hope for those dark times, people who live in Scotland to decide on their future.

"It's important that you ask this question ‘what should our future be’ of everyone who lives in Scotland to help decide that path.

"I don't live here I won't decide, obviously about the future that you want to see for yourself. But if people living in Scotland decide to choose independence, then the Greens in Europe, will do all that they possibly can to make sure that Scotland can swiftly come back home, come back to the European Union.

“And when I say, Greens in Europe, that’s actually quite a force to be reckoned with. It’s not just a few people here and there scattered all over the continent. No, the Greens in Europe are really a strong force and we’re growing by day.

“We have Green parties surging in the poll all over. Belgium, Finland, Germany, France to name just a few. Right now the European Parliament we have the biggest group ever. We are in more governments over the European Union than ever before, and we’re still growing.“ Speaking to journalists after her speech, Keller made clear she would expect an independent Scotland to have no difficulty getting into the EU.

Last month, speaking in the Commons, the Labour MP Ian Murray had claimed an independent Scotland would need a deficit of lower than 3% of GDP to fulfil necessary criteria.

According to the Government Expenditure and Revenue (GERS) report, Scotland’s notional estimated deficit in 2018-19 is closer to 7%.

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Keller said this was not the case. “There are so many countries who have much more of a deficit who are inside and that's not a problem, at least not in the political sense.”

She added: "Scotland fulfils all the normal accession criteria, has all the European rules and regulations, so there is really no need for lengthy discussions and negotiations.

"This is a case of a country wanting to rejoin and I think it would be politically so stupid to then close the doors of that, and I hope that all the member states will see that – and I'm also quite confident that they will see that."

Asked what action the Green group in the European Parliament could take to help an independent Scotland get back into the EU, Keller promised a lot of “political pressure”.

“We’re a sizeable group in the European Parliament, we’re a big force in member states and thin ascension talks member states are also really relevant.

“And we're in many governments right now, probably rather increasing then decreasing our participation in those. So we will be playing a really crucial role both in the European Parliament, where ascensions are always discussed and very closely followed, as well as in the member states who will also have a strong say.”