The National:

THE major new YouGov poll on support for Scottish independence is bad news for Nicola Sturgeon’s opponents.

Not only does it report a majority in favour of independence for the first time since 2015, it highlights abysmal levels of trust in Unionist party leaders.

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Some 46% of respondents said they trust Nicola Sturgeon. The closest Unionist politician is former Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson, a full 15% behind.

Look down towards the bottom of the list and you’ll see current interim leader Jackson Carlaw, who just 8% of respondents trust.

Scottish LibDem leader Willie Rennie fairs a little better, on 18%.

But it’s yet more bad news for Labour leader Richard Leonard. According to the YouGov data, he’s trusted by just 6% of voters.

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Reflecting on their scores as Scotland is about to be dragged out of the EU, perhaps Unionist leaders will recognise that if they hadn’t said things like voting No was the only way to retain EU membership they wouldn’t be in this position.

We’re not holding our breath.