SCOTTISH Greens leader Patrick Harvie has called on the Scottish Government to prioritise public transport in its Budget - as he announced a proposal to give free bus travel to young people.

The draft budget is due to be announced next week, after being postponed following a delay to the UK Government's spending announcements.

Harvie claimed this year's spending pledges had to be a "climate emergency budget" and should include promises to scrap road-building.

He said: "Will the First Minister give us a Budget which will stop pouring money into a multibillion-pound road-building project and instead commit to making public transport more available, more reliable and more affordable?"

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon declined to go into the detail of the draft budget, but she did add that Harvie would see "the Government's commitment to tackling climate change and making sure that we meet the obligations that we have set".

Sturgeon said public transport has a "massive part to play" in reducing Scotland's emissions, adding that there has to be "the right balance" between roads and public transport.

Harvie announced plans to make all bus travel free for young people - in the same way it is for those over the age of 65 - saying it will cost a "fraction" of building more roads.

The First Minister said: "We'll consider all proposals that all parties put forward.

"We have to consider our revenue budget and our capital budget and how we use both of them appropriately to meet the needs of people across the country and of course how we tackle climate change."

The Scottish Greens are the SNP's regular partners in the budget process; however, the Scottish Tories have made very public entreaties towards Sturgeon's party in recent weeks - calling for a number of measures including police funding, tax reform and NHS spending in order to secure their votes.