THERE is phenomenal international media interest in how Scots are reacting to Brexit on Friday.

It’s appreciated in much of Europe that though the UK voted to quit the EU in 2016, Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain.

So Brexit Day events in Scotland are seemingly of huge interest.

Mike Blackshaw, from the Edinburgh Yes Hub who has organised the “Missing EU already” event outside the Scottish Parliament, said he was stunned by the interest from the foreign press.

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More than 40 outlets from across the world are keen on covering the rally.

“I can’t believe it. It’s unbelievable,” Blackshaw told The National. “In the last four days I’ve done 12 interviews in the hub. People are coming from all over. They’re all coming up to do the event and mark the day.

“It’s wonderful. We’ve got three from France, three from Spain, five from Germany, one from Hungary, Luxembourg, Belgium, Finland.”

Speakers at the demo include SNP MPs Joanna Cherry, and Tommy Sheppard, and will be hosted by The National’s Lesley Riddoch.

The event starts at 5pm and will end with a candlelit vigil between 10pm and 11.30pm.

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Blackshaw said he wanted it to be a positive meeting. He had initially thought it would be a smaller event, but now expected thousands to turn up.

“It’s just taken off. We’ve had to hire stages, bring in toilets, and catering vans because obviously it’s a long day.”

During the candlelight vigil there will be further speakers including Scottish Greens co-leader Lorna Slater, a light show to commemorate Scotland’s forced departure from the EU and an “au revoir” farewell march with EU flags.

The rally is supported by the Commonweal, English Scots 4 Yes, Pensioners 4 Yes, Musselburgh, Inch, Gracemount, Craigmillar, Midlothian, Morningside and Marchmont Yes Groups.