EMOTIONAL Scottish MEPs can be seen hugging amidst tears outside the EU Parliament in Brussels, following today's backing of the UK's withdrawal terms. 

In a video shared by the BBC's Glenn Campbell, SNP MEPs hug each other while a piper plays a medley of Flower of Scotland and the EU's anthem, Ode to Joy. 

In her final speech to the European Parliament, Aileen McLeod said that she looked forward to the return of an independent Scotland to the EU.

"As a Scottish MEP, I will be voting against the Withdrawal Agreement, as the majority of my country has mandated me to do," she said.

"The people of Scotland have consistently voted against Brexit. Scotland's parliament has refused to give its consent to this Brexit deal.

"And the tragedy for Scotland is that on Friday, Scotland will be dragged out of the EU against the democratic wishes of our people.

"Scotland is a European nation, and I look forward to an independent Scotland rejoining the EU – and we will, soon.