THERE are a whole host of events being planned to mark Brexit Day on Friday, but some people in the Yes movement are taking the opportunity to promote the message of independence.

Among them will be the creators of a new work of art – the Yes Slates Montage.

It’s been put together by those indefatigable people in the Yes Stones group which now has almost 7000 members on Facebook.

Some of them have painted slates with letters on them, and the Montage is having its first outing on Friday from 12 noon until 3pm.

The location is in Gretna, right on the Border just off the main road through Gretna – motorway junction 45 on the M6 coming from England and Junction 22 coming south on the M74.

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The Gretna Chase Hotel is on the English side of the River Sark and The Old Toll Bar Cafe and the cairn is on the Scottish side of the Sark, which marks the Border.

Please note that Gretna and Gretna Green are two different places and the cairn is just south of the Gretna Gateway Outlet shopping centre.

Lesley Sinclair is one of the organisers. She told The National: “The display will read Yes Yes Yes Independence for Scotland. The display itself is a work of art dedicated to the independence cause.

“This is the first time it will be displayed. We hope to take it on tour around the country. We will also be bringing stones and flags. It would be great to see anyone who can make it.”