FORMER Scottish Tory MP Stephen Kerr has said the Westminster Government should work with Holyrood on the First Minister's plan for a post-Brexit Scottish visa system.

The First Minister unveiled the proposals, which would allow foreign nationals to apply for a Scottish-specific visa, in an attempt to start talks with the Tory Government yesterday.

Papers published with Nicola Sturgeon's announcement showed five possible methods for the system, ranging from wholly controlled in Westminster to operated by the Scottish Government.

But the Home Office rejected the plans hours after the announcement, insisting immigration will "remain a reserved matter".

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Now former Stirling MP Kerr, who lost his seat to Alyn Smith last month, said the plans were "really something worth looking at" and urged the UK Government to change how it treats Holyrood.

He said: "I think the people of Scotland are fed up with its two governments shouting each other out.

"It is counterproductive for that to be the case in some areas. The way to deal with the Scottish nationalists is to engage, not to be hostile."

Sturgeon set out the plans yesterday warning that Scotland would need to increase inward migration in the coming years to stave off the decline of the working-age population after Brexit.