The National:

A PARTY with no elected representatives in the Scottish Parliament has proposed scrapping Holyrood.

That's right, ladies and gentlemen. Ukip have returned and to prove they're all about that Brexity, "respecting the will of the people" lifestyle, are now suggesting getting rid of Holyrood because one Survation poll showed 16% of Scots want the Scottish Parliament closed for good. 

Ukip's Scottish branch, now led by Donald Mackay - a man who won a whopping 0.4% of the vote when he stood in the recent General Election - set out their 2021 Holyrood strategy yesterday.

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That strategy is to elect some folks (adding to their grand total of ONE parliamentary representative across the UK) and then close down the parliament where they have any say. 

Fool proof.

Citing the Survation poll, the party said: “There is no current political party in Scotland making a proper Unionist case which, in our view, means a return to the pre-1999 position with Scotland... governed exclusively by the House of Commons.

“Ukip intends to fill this political gap by fielding candidates in each of the eight regional lists at the May 2021 Holyrood election in the hope of gaining in each case the 6% or so proportion of the vote which would lead to the election of an MSP.

“For too long the nationalists and phoney Unionists have dominated the Scottish political scene.”

Well those "nationalists and phoney Unionists" better watch out - because soon there will be a new party dominating the Scottish political scene (until they scrap that altogether, of course). 

Considering the party's electoral failures in Scotland, it's almost a "if I can't have you, no-one can" approach to Holyrood. 

Pete Wishart thankfully stepped in to point out the flaws in Ukip's plan.

He said: “It's absurd that the key message UKIP would take from a poll - which finds an overwhelming majority of Scots backing a second referendum being decided at Holyrood - is to abolish Scotland's national Parliament.

"Rolling back on devolution is a ridiculous proposition that no serious politician would entertain. The suggestion shows exactly why Ukip has no elected representatives in Scotland."

Well there you have it.

Good luck in 2021, lads.