The National:

A BIZARRE call for Brexit voters to gather in Glasgow's George Square this Friday has been issued from the hardline pro-Union campaign A Force for Good - and it's certainly hard to ignore...

Viewers who dare to click below will be treated to a video featuring holocaust denier Alister McConnachie who, for once, is not wearing his Union Jack jaiket. Presumably it's in the wash ahead of the Friday night bash.

If McConnachie wasn't enough reason to quickly back peddle, his tuneless attempt at mashing Rule Brittania with The Clash should do the trick.

At least, we think that's what's happened here... We'll have another listen to confirm once our ears have stopped bleeding.

Standing in a room that looks suspiciously like the hideout of serial killer, McConnachie urges Brexit voters to join him in Glasgow this Friday at 22:30 to celebrate an event that Scotland didn't vote for - though other than the same ten folk that join him at every pro-independence march, we're not sure who else will show up...

Maybe the EDL?