I HOPE those in Europe understand why Scots seek indy now. Brexit is not about the EU. It’s about English nationalism and a UK creaking and not fit for purpose. The UK is a disunited kingdom – all four nations are not working well together.

Northern Ireland and Scotland are on different trajectories, and many in Ireland are seriously considering and debating reunification for the first time. I strongly believe an indy Scotland will be an outward-looking nation and a voice for peace-making and unity in Europe.

Only 10 years ago the SNP had only a few MPs, now they has 80% of Scotland’s seats. The SNP are socially democratic and progressive and not about racism in any shape or from. In fact, totally opposite to other nationalist parties in Europe.

Scottish nationalism is civic, inclusive and outward-looking, not narrow, elitist or exclusive. For centuries Scots heritage and ideals have been ones of travel on our seas to distant lands. We are very much a European nation. Perhaps it is in essence the Scottish democratic party? Scotland’s ties to Europe are deep and centuries old.

After decades of UK prime ministers blaming the EU for their own failings, the consequences have come back to haunt them. Who will they blame now – the Scots, the Irish, the EU for not being nice enough to them? They have employed populism, telling the people what they want to hear. Sadly we will now become Trump’s 51st state rather than an independent nation in Europe.

We need to change the narrative here, particularly for those who dislike and fear Brexit. The UK establishment surrounded Scotland’s independence with negative language – words such as warning, catastrophe, too poor, too small, dependent. And instead offer positive words – opportunity, self-determination, vast resources, bright future, innovative, freedom, fair, make our own decisions, success, hope. Scotland urgently requires its own TV channel, film studio and media.

Scotland can be compared to other highly successful economies in the European trading block. The EU offers economic stability and lower mortgage rates for young families. Small economies are more adaptable and progressive. How can we re-imagine our future Scotland with greener and well-being policies?

A new Scotland that doesn’t make the mistakes of the UK by decentralising and by not having only a couple of major cities, and with improved infrastructure.

Plus why would we accept England’s deficit? They squandered our oil reserves, with billions spent on Trident and vanity projects. These produce the false GERs figures. This is not against the English people, a successful indy Scotland can be more supportive of the other four nations, not less. Its against those neoliberal elites, with their off-shore tax havens.

Indy is a process and a journey. This failing Brexit is fooling people with a Tory government, who don’t even believe in it. Some of us might be thinking that federalism is an answer for the UK crisis – but England’s too big and has little interest. Although it might be an answer to England’s Brexit crisis. We must follow a more democratic path.

What’s truly scary – do people believe they have a free UK press or believe what they are told on TV, radio, online or in the press? Obviously it requires effort and time to search for any honesty and it’s confusing as we have so many media outlets now. The truth is not found in foreign-owned press that peddles gossip, propaganda or downright lies. In fact, it appears many across the UK don’t trust the media or their politicians. Figures show that trust in the UK media is far lower than in other European nations. This is surely extremely concerning for a country that portrays itself as democratic.

Boris wants to diverge with regulations. This will mean non-alignment with the EU, and that any deal will be complex and take years with transitions or even no deal. Northern Ireland will remain in the EU and get a good deal which means not the UK, but Great Britain is leaving the EU. The question for Boris is: how can he take Scotland on this Brexit journey it didn’t vote for? How can he explain how Westminster works for Scotland? What Johnson must ask himself is: are the UK governments working well together – the answer is emphatically not and how is this any recipe for future success?

Scotland needs the EU protection. Are we running out of time, as some argue – with the Brexit take-over by ever richer oligarchs and the threatening climate crisis? Norway, with a population the same as Scotland’s and similar resources, is one of the world’s most developed successful, democratic nations. One thing is clear – people in Scotland have voted against Brexit and they want to stay in the EU, hopefully emulating other successful independent nations.

P Keightley