The National:

THERE'S a lot going on in politics right now, but at least George Galloway isn't getting involved in the Scottish independence debate again. Right?

Well, now we all have one less thing to be thankful for because the Brexit-Party-supporting King of Cringe is apparently planning his momentous return to Scotland

How on earth have we coped without him?! 

A clip of the former Labour MP and leader of the now-dissolved Respect Party, who left Scotland during the Blair years, speaking on his Russia Today online programme was circulating on Twitter yesterday, prompting a fair amount of mockery from viewers ... 

The clip picked up 73 retweets - but near to 1000 replies. (Mostly of folk laughing at him.)

The video starts with a dramatic black and white zoom-in of Galloway saying, in what he probably thinks is a Liam-Neeson-in-Taken-esque threatening tone, "I'm coming back ... and you are going to have to deal with me ..."

It then cuts to him saying: "Alan Riley says, 'can George explain why he thinks he should have a say on Scottish independence, when anyone who phoned his show saying they had left the UK but were pro-Remain, he told them they had no say. And shouldn't have any say because they have left'. 

"'George you've left Scotland, so why do you think they shouldn't have a say, but you should in the same circumstances?'"

He replies: "I don't know what you're talking about Alan. 

"But I'm going to solve your problem for you. I'm coming back. And you are going to have to deal with me.

"So put that in your Scottish nationalist pipe and smoke it."

Ooh ... we're scared.

One SNP MP, Angela Crawley, replied with an emoji of a rocket (which sums the whole thing up better than we ever could).

Another questioned Galloway's socialist credentials after spending time fighting the Tories south of the Border ...  

Another was critical of Galloway's support for independence around the world - except for Scotland.

And one independence supporter suggested a new role for Galloway ...

Making Galloway the leader of Better Together for indyref2? Why not?  

His fearmongering is pretty on point for the job, tbh. 

Remember in 2018 when the committed Unionist claimed the SNP had done a deal with the Tories to help them pass Brexit and also secure indyref2? The claim was debunked as "utterly rubbish" by the SNP. 

Anyway, George, we entirely encourage your return to Scotland - it will be incredibly entertaining, and of course, great for Yes!