THE two men who were responsible for disrupting this week’s First Minister’s Questions are involved with a political party linked to the UVF.

Michael Woolger and Peter Morris, both from Penicuik, are connected to the Progressive Unionist Party (PUP).

Their Facebook pages are filled with loyalist material.

Woolger has subscribed to the Scottish Defence League and shared memes in support of English Defence League founder Tommy Robinson.

Yesterday, the PUP’s Scottish chief praised the two men and promised to “robustly act against any attempt to silence their voice in a Scotland under the SNP”.

The incident was seemingly sparked by recent criticism of the SNP’s John Mason.

The MSP said last week that he would aid constituents on “personal issues” but that he would not argue for things like remaining in the Union, lower taxes or the Orange Order’s right to stage marches just because a voter asked him to.

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The Scottish Tories wrote to Nicola Sturgeon asking that she consider expelling him from the SNP.

The National: Nicola Sturgeon

In March 2018, Mason apologised after saying that some people viewed the IRA as “freedom fighters”, not “Irish terrorists”.

During Thursday’s session in Holyrood, Woolger and Morris stood up in the public gallery – interrupting a question on food banks – to shout: “Brigadier Sturgeon, why do so many in your party support the IRA?

“Do you think that’s appropriate? Supporters of the IRA in a party in the administration of government?

“John Mason, the sectarian bigot, won’t support Unionists in society.

“How many support the IRA in your party, Nicola?

“John Mason called the IRA ‘freedom fighters’ but they won’t support Unionists. SNP-IRA.”

The two men were soon huckled out by police.

Both men declined to speak to The National, but one told Belfast’s New Letter he spoke out because of “alienation of Unionists” in Scotland.

The man, who has not been identified by the paper, claimed the sectarian divide in Scotland “is the exact same as it is in Northern Ireland with this political conflict”.

He added: “I have tried to speak to their MSPs but they won’t speak to us.

"Once they brand you a Unionist, they view you as toxic and won’t speak to you.

"They are alienating a whole section of the community.”

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Progressive Unionist chairman Sandy Nicol offered his support, saying many loyalists “feel frustrated that actions by politicians we consider to be persecution of the Unionist community are being ignored by the parties they are members of”.

He added: “We stand with those protesters from yesterday and will robustly act against any attempt to silence their voice in a Scotland under the SNP.”

The Progressive Unionist Party was formed in the 1970s to be the political wing of the paramilitary Ulster Volunteer Force. Their success peaked in the 90s and has waned significantly in recent years.

The Scottish constituency was established last year with the aim of fighting “the injustices and inequalities faced by the loyalist community” and to “destroy the SNP”.

It comes as hundreds of people are expected to take part in Republican and Loyalist parades this weekend.

Glasgow City Council say they expect around 200 people to attend a march this morning to remember those who lost their lives on Bloody Sunday.

It’s already been targeted by a far-right group called the National Defence League.

And this afternoon around 100 marchers will be in the city’s west end for the Apprentice Boys of Derry parade in Partick.