THE Scottish Independence Movement (Sim) has announced a plan to have simultaneous marches for Yes across Scotland on May 8 next year.

Realising not every activist is able to travel long distances to a march and rally such as those held by All Under One Banner, Sim has come up with a plan it hopes will follow a majority vote for Yes parties in next year’s Scottish Parliamentary elections.

Sim stated: “In the unlikely event a referendum does not take place in 2020, next year is going to be critical.

“Despite already holding four mandates for indyref2 a pro-indy majority will be required in the Scottish Parliamentary elections in May and all focus will be on this.

“In our opinion it will be detrimental to do a march before the run up to May 5, 2021, because every activist is needed to chap doors. The independence movement must help win a majority and high percentage vote.”

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Sim added action after the election is then vital to confirm the demand for a referendum.

The group said: “It is our pleasure to invite every independence supporter and every Yes group, Yes organisation, local SNP branches, local Green branches, celebrities who believe in an independent Scotland etc to a march near you, from Inverness and Aberdeen in the north, to Berwick and Dumfries in the south, with Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee in between.

“We speak of unity but now is the time to come together over a year to plan such a mass movement of people. This will be a national day of action as Scotland uprises from Westminster. We need your help to make this a success. More importantly, Scotland needs you.

“Instead of a series of marches throughout next year we are planning to march simultaneously in seven locations the length and breadth of Scotland.

“Bigger than anything undertaken so far, we want to mobilise every person who supports independence onto the streets at the same time. Something this big will attract worldwide attention as well as at home where the marches can’t be ignored because we will be a visible countrywide.

“We also know that Sim is not very well known. So this is where you can help if you’re reading this. Go to our Facebook and tag your friends and hit the share button – these actions will cost you less than a minute of your time.

“Don’t worry if you can’t attend one of the seven main marches on that day, get together with others in your local park or town square, gather on bridges, fly Saltires.

“Be noticed, be so big we can no longer be ignored. Sim has one goal – to help win Scottish independence, and we would like to thank everyone for their continued support.”