The National has just launched a new fact-checking our rebuttal service ... and we want our readers to help us spread the word about independence!

We'll be testing dodgy Unionist claims on a regular basis from now on and uncovering the truth behind Project Fear. You'll be able to find them all archived here:

This weekend, we want to get our first seven Fact Checks into as many hands as possible, so we're asking our readers to buy an extra copy of Saturday's paper and give it to a No voter.

Here's what we'll be looking at:

  • Is Scotland really lagging behind in well-being?
  • Is indyref2 causing Scotland to stagnate?
  • Does the SNP have a cast-iron mandate for indyref2?
  • Is Scotland deficit really the worst in Europe?
  • Have the SNP made the price of whisky so expensive?
  • Are the SNP really failing in education?
  • Does learning Gaelic harm academic attainment?

If you want No voters and undecided Scots to find out the truth, then please make sure you buy an extra copy on Saturday and give it to them!

We've only been able to launch this new services thanks to our loyal army of subscribers. If you haven't signed up yet, please join us today here: