WE all know that the Unionist press and political ranks are full of people who are happy to say anything and everything about independence which could undermine the case for Scotland voting Yes.

Part of the role of The National is to be the counter-point to the Unionist press – and over the years we’ve dabbled in myth-busting and fact-checking, but never to the extent that we’ve committed to today.

We pledge to go examine claims about Scotland in great depth, and work out exactly why they are false (or otherwise).

We’ll supply a “doorstep answer” – which will be relatively short and will provide you with a couple of sentences you need to say in a conversation to rebut these claims.

From the Spanish veto, to the deficit, to the SNP’s mandate, the level of disinformation around Scottish politics can be remarkable. But no more!

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Normally, this service will be reactive. If Boris Johnson says something at Prime Minister’s Questions then we want to get our response out there within a couple of hours.

But for our launch day today, we’ve collected seven dodgy – and one not-so-dodgy claims made by politicians, newspapers and others to the test.

We're asking our readers to buy an EXTRA copy of Saturday's paper and get it into the hands of a No voter!

We’re aiming to publish at least two or three a week – but of course that depends on how outlandish the Unionist arguments become.

We won’t give away the identity of our secret team of fact-checkers – but we can confirm that they have the clout, track record and in-depth knowledge that is required to deliver on this task.

You will be able to find all of our Rebuttals here:


Finally ... we’ve only been able to launch this service today because you have signed up to support us and our 10,000 Steps Campaign. We can do so much more as well – if you haven’t backed us yet then please do at www.thenational.scot/subscribe