FIRST Minister's Questions was suspended for a brief period as security removed two men from the public gallery in the Holyrood chamber.

The two men began heckling as Nicola Sturgeon finished answering a question and as the SNP's Bob Doris rose to ask his.

The men shouted about alleged IRA supporters in the party, with one branding the First Minister "Brigadier Sturgeon”.

The National:

One also referred to John Mason, the SNP MSP who recently came under fire for saying he would not stand up for constituents who back Orange walks or the Union.

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Mason was forced to apologise when, in 2017, after suggesting some people saw the IRA terrorists who killed three soldiers in 1971 as “freedom fighters”.

“You say Irish murderers. Others say Irish freedom fighters. I support Scottish soldiers if they do good but not if they do bad," he tweeted at the time.

At FMQs, Doris was asked to pause his question by Presiding Officer Ken Macintosh while security removed the hecklers.

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One shouted: “Why do so many in your party support the IRA? They’re not supporting Unionists in society.”

When other people in the chamber reacted with confusion, the man replied: “Brigadier Sturgeon.”

The National:

“How many support the IRA in your party, Nicola?

"John Mason called them Irish freedom fighters, did he? He doesn’t support Unionists. SNP IRA!”

Mason refused to take questions from the media as he left the chamber.