THE Scottish Greens are set to relaunch their Green Yes campaign at a Brexit Day rally in Glasgow.

News of the event comes as talk of a new Yes Scotland organisation intensifies in the wake of Boris Johnson’s refusal to allow the Scottish Parliament to hold a legally watertight referendum.

Ska Keller, the co-president of the Greens in the European Parliament, has been named as one of the speakers set to address party members and supporters.

Patrick Harvie said the “Independent Scotland in Europe” rally would signal the Scottish Greens’ intent for Scotland to rejoin the EU as an independent nation.

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He told The National: “In 2014 the Better Together campaign told the people of Scotland that ‘No’ meant we would remain as members of the European Union. Yet here we are just over a week from being dragged out against our will and the likes of Ruth Davidson and Willie Rennie who led that campaign don’t even have enough integrity to offer an apology.

“It’s now clear that we’ll be dragged out on the 31st, losing all our rights as EU citizens. We’ll be denied the right to move, live, love and work in 27 other EU countries. Our EU friends and neighbours here fear for their futures in these uncertain times.

“In such circumstances it’s outrageous and undemocratic that we are denied a say over our own future. The people of Scotland are sovereign, only we have a right to decide our future.

“It is so important in these dispiriting times that we don’t let go of hope.

“The people of Scotland deserve better, and as we relaunch our Green Yes campaign we will offer a positive vision for Scotland’s future – showing how we can make the most of our potential as a small European nation.”

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Harvie said that Keller’s attendance at the rally was proof of how Greens across Europe recognise that “Scotland’s future is a matter for the people of Scotland to determine”.

If Scotland should become independent, he added, then he was confident that “our European family would be rooting for us to rejoin the EU as quickly as possible.”

The event is set to take place at noon on Brexit Day in Glasgow’s Barras Art and Design centre.

Though far from a gloomy affair, it’ll likely be in stark contrast to some of the more celebratory events happening around the UK on Brexit Day.

In Westminster, Boris Johnson has planned a spectacular laser show.

Brexiteers have also organised a huge party in Parliament Square to be hosted by Nigel Farage which they believe could be filled with more than 15,000 Union flag-waving Eurosceptics.

Farage said Brexit Day would be a “moment to celebrate” the “establishment” having “been beaten by the people.”

However, it looks increasingly likely that the Brexiteers have been beaten in their bid to make Big Ben bong for Brexit.

Over the weekend, a number of leading independence campaigners backed calls for a “new Yes Scotland organisation” to take “some of the strain and daily focus away from the Scottish Government”.

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The initial plea for a new body to make the case for leaving the UK came from the SNP’s former strategic communications chief, Kevin Pringle, who called on the “entire Yes movement to make the case for independence unassailable”.

The First Minister has promised to update Holyrood and voters on her next steps before the end of the month.

Initially she said she wanted to have indyref2 in the second half of this year, and last week, her Constitutional Relations Secretary Michael Russell insisted this was still the target. But over the weekend a number of SNP voices have suggested there is no likely chance of a referendum before next year’s Holyrood election.