A NEW Scot who runs the biggest food bank in Dumfries and Galloway has hit out at Labour MP Lisa Nandy over her fairy tales about “narrow, divisive nationalism”.

In an open letter to the MP, Mark Frankland, who was born and raised in Blackburn, a few miles from her constituency of Wigan, said that after becoming the white half of a mixed-race couple and raising two mixed-race boys, it became abundantly clear that his hometown was no place to raise them.

He says: “A septic tide of racism was starting to seep into every brick of the town and the BNP were strutting their stuff. So we ran. We fled a hundred miles north up the M6 and found ourselves a new future in Scotland.

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“I never felt English, but after 25 years I feel very Scottish. They call us New Scots up here. And being a New Scot has meant my two boys have had the chance to grow up in a country where racism barely exists.

“How dare you make up fairy tales about ‘narrow, divisive Nationalism’. And how dare you criticise the Scottish Government for a record which you describe as ‘frankly appalling’.”

Frankland is also an author, blogger and a keen supporter of Scottish independence.

He takes Nandy to task for being impressed with Spain’s handling of the Catalan independence movement.

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“Well, I’m not. If I was posting my blog in Catalonia, I would be in prison by now. And if I had joined a march for independence, I would have been beaten within an inch of my life by Spanish riot police.

“And by now, my leaders would either be living in exile or imprisoned for years. And this is how you think the likes of me should be treated?

“This is the shining example of good practice you feel the Westminster Government should aspire to?

“Well, shame on you Lisa Nandy. No wonder your party is down to one MP in Scotland.”