A YES group has come up with an innovative campaign to let Westminster know Scots aren’t celebrating Brexit on the day we are due to leave the EU.

Yes Moffat is urging Remainers from all over the country to “shine a light” on January 31.

The idea was inspired by former Scottish MEP and National columnist Alyn Smith who called on the EU to “leave a light on for Scotland so we can find our way home” after Brexit.

He said: “If Scotland is removed from our family of nations against our will, against our clearly democratically expressed view, if we are removed against our will, independence will be our only route back.”

“It’s like a minute’s silence – instead of celebrating Brexit we are mourning it,” said Shirley Johnston of Yes Moffat. “Shining a light sends a message to the EU as well, it’s the opposite of celebrating.”

She added: “People can bring whatever, whether that’s a candle or a phone torch or an actual torch – anything that shines a light. We’re sending a message to Europe that Scotland doesn’t want to leave the EU. “ The campaign is a response to an online fundraising drive “Big Ben must bong for Brexit” which has raised £153,000 of its £500,000 target.

“Those who wish to celebrate Britain leaving the EU will want to do so in the same manner as New Year’s Eve – by looking at a clock,” the campaign’s organisers Stand Up 4 Brexit wrote online.

Yesterday, £80 a minute was being donated to the campaign, with an average donation of £16.

Whether Big Ben bongs or not, Brexiteers intend to gather outside Parliament to mark the UK’s departure from the EU.

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage said the Leave Means Leave campaign group had been been given approval to hold an event in Parliament Square on January 31.

Johnston stressed that the event isn’t about fighting for independence and is not associated with any political party. She added: “It’s a peaceful thing to do. It’s hugely important that people take part. It’s for anyone that voted against Brexit. It isn’t party political.

“If all Remainers in Scotland did this it would be significant whether it’s for independence or not. We want to get people to do it in as many villages, towns and cities as possible. We want people to grab onto the idea.”

She continued: “It’s basically reinforcing the message that Scotland voted to remain and sending a message to the EU that Scotland is still with them.

“It’s about reminding the Tory Government that they’re celebrating but Scotland isn’t.”

To get involved post photos of your light on Twitter with the hashtag #shinealight on January 31.