LISA Nandy should not “make the same mistakes that the Spanish right-wing party made” if she is ever in a position to deal with Scottish independence.

That’s according to a member of the Catalan delegation to the UK, who hit out at the Labour leadership hopeful after she suggested a good way to win the argument on Scottish independence was to learn “lessons” from Catalonia.

Appearing on the Andrew Neil Show on Wednesday night, Nandy said that in dealing with Scotland, the UK should look to places like Catalonia and Quebec where “we have managed to go and beat narrow, divisive nationalism with a social justice agenda”.

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In October 2017, during the Catalan independence referendum, the world was shocked when endless footage of police brutality was handed out to those expressing their right to vote at the ballot box.

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The Spanish state didn’t recognise the referendum which came about after the Catalan parliament voted in favour of one and subsequently jailed several pro-independence politicians.

Sergi Marcen said of Nandy: “If she wants to learn from the different self-determination movements in the world, I recommend that she not make the same mistakes that the Spanish right-wing party made and that she dedicate all her strength to finding the way for the Scots to express that they want for their future.

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“I think she is wrong about her point of view. It is not a problem of nationalism, it is a problem of democratic rights.

“In fact, this point of view is held by those who are deeply nationalistic and do not see beyond the national flag of the country.

"A political conflict must be resolved democratically and the best way is to ask the population what they want.”

Catalan journalist Valentina Servera Clavell also hit out at the Wigan MP: “Dear @lisanandy,” she tweeted. “I would like you to apologise for these comments.

“Do you have a clue of what we the Catalan people have suffered for centuries? The police brutality is the top of the iceberg.

“Both Catalonia and Scotland will be independent and no intimidation will stop it!”

Nandy is one of five candidates vying to replace Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party.

Earlier this week, she spoke of her plan for an "international commission" created by and for the Scottish people which would aim to learn from examples in other countries where "the cause of social justice has beaten divisive nationalism".

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We have contacted Lisa Nandy for comment.