NICOLA Sturgeon has told the UK Government it must honour its commitment to cover the policing costs for a major climate change summit being held in Glasgow this year.

An estimated 90,000 people, including around 200 world leaders, will attend the UN's COP26 summit over 12 days in November.

A report by the Scottish Police Authority (SPA) estimates security costs for the event could run to "several hundred million pounds", an increase on previous figures, and said "dialogue remains ongoing" over who will foot the bill.

The Scottish Government has maintained the bill should be footed by the UK Government, which is hosting the event.

The First Minister said she welcomes the fact the event is being held in Scotland, but that discussions will need to be held over the costs involved.

"I think having COP in Glasgow is worthwhile," she told Radio Clyde News. "I think it's a huge opportunity for Glasgow and for Scotland to show the leadership that we are taking on climate change and to bring the world here to forge ahead in meeting that challenge.

"We want it to be a success, I believe it will be a success, and while it's a UK Government-hosted conference, the Scottish Government wants to work constructively and collaboratively and play our part in making it a success.

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"The UK Government has committed to meeting the policing and other costs and it's important that it honours that commitment in full, and the Scottish Government will be looking forward to productive discussions to make sure that's the case.

"It should not be for the Scottish Government or for the Scottish police service to pick up the policing costs, that should be for the UK Government.

"It's right and proper as it is the host and a commitment was given to cover costs. Obviously there will be discussions about the quantum of those costs but it is important that that commitment is honoured."

The GMB union hit out at the cost of the event. Scotland Secretary Gary Smith said: “The prospect of hundreds of millions of pounds of public money spent on policing costs alone will sicken frontline council staff and struggling local communities.

“The world’s political elite will swoop in and out of Glasgow later in the year but the city’s many challenges will remain the day after the circus leave town. What exactly are we hoping to showcase by hosting this summit?

“The Glasgow waste crisis is getting worse – you only need to look at the latest footage of the conditions facing cleansing workers on a daily basis. Our home carers are working alone on foot at night to provide basic home care help for some of our most vulnerable citizens.

“The council needs to find an additional £250 million to settle residual equal pay claims for tens of thousands of council staff past and present.

“It also needs to replace its discriminatory WPBR with a new job evaluation system lifts up the pay and conditions of chronically low-paid staff.

“Our priorities are all wrong. The best thing government could do for Glasgow is to ditch hosting the COP and instead invest the money in dealing with the state of the city.”