The Finance Secretary is set to publish Scotland's "economic case for independence" as an alternative to the annual GERS figures.

Derek Mackay said the figures would be published around the same time as the GERS report. 

The Cabinet member explained he felt "frustrated" that the GERS data only covers Scotland's place in the Union, not its potential as independent country.

Speaking to Holyrood magazine, Mackay said he made a "concession" to other frustrated party members at last year's autumn SNP conference, promising to "publish an equivalent analysis of what we could do with independence as we published the GERS figures".

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GERS figures are supposed to show the gap between public spending and tax revenue, but are often thought of as misleading by Yes supporters.

Mackay said producing the new set of figures would allow him to say: “‘OK, here’s the analysis of where people think we are right now as part of this system and here’s an even better picture of what we think we can do with the powers of independence’.”

He continued: “I will publish that assessment next time we publish the GERS figures because I’m so convinced with the economic argument of Scotland.

“I think it needs the exposure it deserves, rather than the usual knockabout that Scotland’s too poor, too wee to be independent - we’ve absolutely got what it takes.

“We’ll start it off on the basis of what we have right now and then say what the opportunities would be if we were to, say, grow particular sectors or make particular decisions.

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“Whatever people think of the Growth Commission, it was a substantial piece of work, and I’m committing to the equivalent level of intensity in our economic argument every year that we publish GERS, to make the point that here’s the position we’re in right now but here’s what we could have.

“That will be my annual economic case for independence and hopefully, I won’t have to make them for too much longer because we will be independent.”

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A Scottish Government spokesperson said: “The GERS publication explicitly states that it shows Scotland’s position within the UK and not as an independent nation. We will ensure people have the information they need to make informed choices over the future of the country.”