English satirist David Schneider

“It’s vital to listen to and respect the will of the people*” *except for viewers in Scotland.

Michael Gray of The Skotia

Johnson’s reply ignoring those election results in Scotland & the Scottish Parliament’s vote for a referendum is just 8 sentences long. It contains no case for the union at all – & of course has no hint at any reform whatsoever. This approach will push more people to independence.

The National: Boris Johnson

RIC founder Jonathon Shafi

To the English left: speak out now for Scottish self-determination. This is a matter of democratic principle. And we need to have your voice, and your movement, raise the issue. That – not support for the British state – would be genuine internationalism.

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Scots law expert and Durham University Professor Aileen McHarg

Entirely expected, of course, but the personal promise thing is a load of nonsense ... my point is that denying a referendum doesn’t make the issue go away. If the experience of the 1980s and devolution is anything to go by, it’s likely to increase support for independence.

Journalist Peter Geoghegan

Reckon Boris Johnson can keep doing this for *a long* time. He doesn’t need Scottish votes and playing to an English nationalist gallery while issuing bromides about One Nation could play very well for him.

Author Gerry Hassan

Boris Johnson can only do for this for a limited period. The longer he & his allies say it doesnt matter which way Scots vote they are remaining in the union the more they undermine the consent which underpins the union. They know this & know they arent as strong as they pretend.

Cameron McNeish

You can’t help wondering how the Tory UK Government would have responded if the EU, in 2006, said “Sod off, you can’t have a referendum.” That’s exactly how the nation of Scotland is being treated by the UK Government. We are not vassals Mr Johnson.

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Kirsty Hughes, SCER

Dishonest if unsurprising from Johnson to suggest the huge, damaging systemic change of Brexit, biggest shift in UK in many decades, opposed by Scottish voters, is not reason enough for a 2nd independence vote

The National: Boris Johnson

Columnist Kirsty Strickland

Not sure Boris Johnson refusing a Section 30 order for indyref2 should be described as “breaking news”. The only thing that’s breaking is the union.

English trade unionist and housing expert Clare Hepworth

If the Scottish Govt wish to hold a 2nd Indy Ref, it should NOT be in Westminsters gift to give or withhold consent. Moreover, if it happens, then Westminster should butt out & let the Scottish people decide the outcome without interference. But what do I know ? #DangerousRadical.

Alex Massie

There are plenty of reasons why there won’t be a referendum this year but the main one is simple: the people are not yet demanding one.

Politics Home editor Kevin Schofield

It’s not enough for Boris Johnson just to say no to #indyref2, he now needs to give Scots new reasons to support the Union.

George Eaton, New Statesman

Whatever your view of Scottish independence, it’s hard to argue that Scotland being pulled out of the EU against its will doesn’t represent a “material change of circumstances”.

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Edinburgh University’s Professor James Mitchell

Far from needing to concentrate on the day job – no First Minister, probably no Scottish Govt Minister – has been on top of the day job as NS, knows business across entire govt in such detail. First Minister Sturgeon needs to stand back more, reflect, give her Ministerial colleagues and other colleagues and esp local govt far far more autonomy to do their day job.

Former presiding officer Tricia Marwick

What if that other voice we all know so well responds by saying, ‘We say no, and we are the state’? Well we say yes – and we are the people.” Canon Kenyon Wright at the first meeting of the Constitutional Convention.