THE National has teamed up with ScotGoesPop! to find out whether Boris Johnson has pushed Scotland towards independence.

James Kelly, who runs the pro-independence blog, is hoping to raise £4000 for a major poll in the aftermath of Boris Johnson’s General Election victory and a landslide win for the SNP in Scotland.

The results of the survey will be published exclusively in The National. We’ll also be promoting it in print and online until the target is met.

Kelly has warned that without such a poll, a hugely significant surge in support for independence could be missed.

Writing on his gofundme page, he explains: “Remarkably, since the SNP's landslide General Election victory in mid-December, there have been no opinion polls measuring support for independence.

“It's possible (and I only say possible) that we're currently living through a post-election Yes surge that will be completely lost to the history books because nobody bothered to commission a poll.

“But this isn't just of academic interest – the publication of a poll showing a Yes lead at a time like this could in itself have an impact on public opinion, and help to shape the debate on Boris Johnson's outrageous attempt to stop the people of Scotland deciding their own future.

“With your help, Scot Goes Pop will commission its first opinion poll, asking how people would vote on the referendum question ‘Should Scotland be an independent country?’ Kelly also hopes to add supplementary questions to the study.

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