Food Unwrapped Does Breakfast (C4, 8pm)

HOW much do you really know about what you’re eating for breakfast? You could be a lot better informed after this special episode of Food Unwrapped, which rounds up some of the show’s full English-themed investigations.

Helen Lawal uncovers the truth about the health risks associated with a bacon butty. Kate Quilton finds out why we prefer tea in a mug to a disposable cup, while Matt Tebbtt learns why the science behind nuts rising to the top of his muesli can also apply to saving skiers from avalanches.

Midsomer Murders (STV, 8pm)

FERRABEE’S Circus is back in town, but owner Joe (Jason Watkins) and his troupe receive a far from warm welcome when scary clown appearances around the village sour the reputation of the company. Joe faces more problems when estranged brother Curtis (Neil Stuke) tries to turf the circus off the land. During a clown act, performer Terry (Kevin Eldon) is shot and killed on stage. His stage partner Les (Mike Grady) is blamed, but did he do it? As usual, DCI John Barnaby (Neil Dudgeon) tries to get to the bottom of the mystery.

Exposed: The Church’s Darkest Secret (BBC2, 9pm)

THE concluding part of this documentary looks at the survivors of Peter Ball’s abuse, and officers who joined forces to pursue the former bishop until his eventual conviction and imprisonment. The programme reveals how Church money was used to hire a private investigator to discredit Ball’s victims, though this report was buried when it honestly reported that Ball was in fact a prolific abuser. On discovering the report, a safeguarding officer handed it to the police, who decided Ball was worthy of investigation.

Being Gail Porter (BBC Scotland, 10pm)

IN 1999, Gail Porter was one of the UK’s most sought-after female TV presenters. Over the next 20 years she suffered post-natal depression, alopecia and was sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

In Being Gail Porter, she travels to her home town of Edinburgh where she meets friends, relatives and medical professionals to try and uncover the reasons she has such emotional extremes. The result is an honest exploration of mental health.