The All Under One Banner (AUOB) march in Glasgow saw thousands take to the streets to show their support for Scottish Independence.

The march paraded through Glasgow, it started in Kelvingrove and finished in Glasgow Green. It attracted people from Glasgow and beyond to show their support for Scottish independence

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Weather warnings were issued for high winds and heavy rains, and the AUOB rally was cancelled due to the weather conditions. Despite this, people still turned out to dance, drum and show off their homemade signs. 

The National have put together the best signs from today's march. 

These Celtic and Rangers supporters were true to the theme of All Under One Banner as they marched together.

This marcher questioned just how many mandates were needed for Scottish independence.

This sign held by an adorable marcher asked people to look to the future.

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These marchers honoured the English Scots with a banner celebrating their contribution.

Spirits remained high throughout the march, even as the rain poured!

This sign, in an array of languages, proudly states that Scotland welcomes immigrants.

This sign took independence inspiration from Prince Harry and Meghan.

A sign that shows just how strongly the marchers felt today, it's not often Scots say they'd rather be in the rain!

This picture honours those who have come before in the Independence movement.